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All great stories find their beginning in a thought , expression or an idea that generated from the grassroots and eventually found its place under the sun as it became bigger and better. Ideas and thoughts have the power to transform individuals and society and become life changing movements. The formative years of a child’s life are the most important years of his or her lifetime. They learn and imbibe from their environment and the role of the school is a crucial one in this process.If the foundation is strong , they will be prepared to deal with life in all it’s colours and be able to blend academics and life skills to perfection.

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At BWS we strongly feel that every child needs someone to believe in them and every child has something unique to offer to the world. The teachers at the school are of the belief that teaching is the “ greatest act of optimism “ and in this context bring out the best in their children, making them champions for life.

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Children can be “anything and anyone they want to be” and have the capability and the capacity to reach for the stars. As they study here at BWS and after they complete their school years, the school wishes to ensure that they have all it takes to making everything possible. An Einstein, a Kalam and a Dhyan Chand once walked through the corridors of a school where someone had faith in them and taught them how they can aim for the stars. At BWS the management and the faculty is deeply committed to this endeavour.

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