Bharatam World School was the dream of the great visionary and philanthropist Late Shri Gaja Nand Goyal.

Youngest among his six brothers, Lalaji was born in 1928 in Fazilka to Chaudhary ChanderBhan Goyal. Having lost all the family business to Indo-Pak division, he moved to Mandi Gobindgarh in 1949 where with his sheer wit and perseverance he went on to create Bharat Group of Industries, a formidable business empire in the Steel City.

Lalaji was renowned not only for his stature of an astute businessman but also as the epitome of righteousness and social responsibility. In 1980, he handed over the reins of the business to his four sons in order to devote his entire time and energy towards religious and social activities. He was at the forefront of all major socio-religious organizations of the city including Shri Sanantan Dharam Charitable Trust (Ram Mandir and Ram Bhawan Dharamshala), Mahant Prabhat Puri Charitable Hospital, Paropkar Seva Samiti, Shri Krishna Gaushala and Shri Krishna mandir. Lalaji was also the founder President of Gobindgarh Charitable Dharamshala, Haridwar. He also made major contribution towards the setting up of Ganga Mata Charitable Eye Hospital at Haridwar where thousands of disadvantaged people are treated every day.

Seth Gaja Nand Goyal, a far sighted man, was well aware of the importance of ‘Quality Education’ for the greater benefit of an individual and the society at large. He made sure that his children and grandchildren went to the best of schools in the country and always dreamt of providing a similar education to all the aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors of his beloved city. Bharatam World School is an attempt by his sons to further his dream of a school which celebrates individuality, fosters creativity and propels every child to strive for excellence and perfection.

With the blessings and inspiration of our Lalaji BWS is set to carry forth his vision of a society that flourishes with the help of education.

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