It is the strong belief of experts that maximum growth of the mind takes place around the age of five years.This makes the Pre Primary years very crucial and holds the key to a child’s growth. The highlights of the Pre Primary wing at BWS
● Individual attention to every child.
● A strong focus on learning through play without the pressure of home assignments.
● Worksheets and activities to promote joyful learning without missing out on the growth of academics.
● Trips, excursions and nature walks.
● Recognition of the fact that every child learns at a different pace and is a unique individual
A true activity based approach.
● Special equipment and toys to help develop motor skills among the little ones.
● Neat and hygienic facilities with trained ancillary staff.



Pre Nursery Syllabus,

Nursery Syllabus.

KG Syllabus.



This is another strong pillar of the school as it will pave the way for further schooling leading upto senior secondary school.
The school is soon to be affiliated to the CBSE .
● A realistic student teacher ratio of 1: 10.
● Bright and well lit classrooms to encourage easy movement and interaction among children.
● Specific focus on all the subjects,with emphasis on recapitulation tests, topic associated worksheets as well as constant encouragement to ask questions and seek answers.


I Syllabus

II Syllabus

III Syllabus

IV Syllabus

V Syllabus

VI Syllabus

VII Syllabus

VIII Syllabus

IX Syllabus

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