Clubs & Activities

BWS is committed to offering students varied opportunities for extracurricular participation. The School believes that participation in extracurricular activities enables students to develop talents that may find little expression in the classroom. Extracurricular activities often require collaboration between students, rendering the process of involvement as important as the finished product.

Hence, we are excited to introduce multifarious clubs in the academic session 2017-18. Here we are listing the clubs and their objectives and activities.

Clubs Objectives And Activities


The aim of the club is to inculcate among students a fondness for language and enhance their literary skills.

The club will provide a platform for: Debating, Speech and Intonation and Artistic Representation of Ideas.


The aim of the club is to enhance the student’s fondness for the subject and make them curious about different researches and developments in the World of Science.

The club will provide a platform for: Discussions, Presentations and Development of Research Ideas etc.


The Environment and Disaster Management Club strives to create awareness of the need for environment preservation and sustainable use of natural resources, to achieve this aim, it will undertake practical projects such as paper recycling, fire drills, plantation drives, power conservation measures, waste utilization workshop and environmental surveys.



Dramatics club will help to bring out and refine the actor in every child. The club envisages developing the self confidence of the child, improving his presentation skills, enhancing his public speaking abilities and providing an insight into various characters which he gets to enact. It provides much more than just academics and fills his life with imagination and dreams.

The Club Activities include Stage skits and street plays, conduct of various events in the school and staging of plays, skits and dramas, Inter school participation in such competitions.

  • IT Club

The main Objective of the club is to create awareness on the current trends in computers.  It will also help to improve analytical & logical skills, to learn the dynamics of a computer and use it for higher learning and to introduce students to new technologies.

The club activities will range from providing computer support for all school events; help make presentations for various school functions, increase awareness of computers amongst students till organizing computer-based competitions.

  • Vedic Math Club

Vedic Mathematics is a branch of Mathematics which teaches pattern-observation and faster calculations. It is based on 16 Sanskrit Sutras (aphorisms or word-formulae) using which numerical calculations can be done faster than the conventional methods.

It demands one to be a Thinker to excel in Mathematics. This is exactly where Vedic Mathematics comes into the picture. The Vedic Math Club has been introduced with the aim of making Mathematics fun for students. It endeavors to help students grasp mathematical concepts better through activities like puzzles, shortcuts in calculations and games.

Club Activities include participation in competitions, study of various Vedic Math based puzzles, and games and developing models and aids to facilitate a better grasp of Mathematical concepts.

  • Music And Dance Club

Music and Dance Club aims at giving extra space and opportunity to the students which are inclined towards performing arts.

Club Activities include Stage performances, conduct of various events in the school, Inter school participation in such competitions.